Das Studio Pilates opened in 2013 and has since grown into a thriving, friendly and welcoming community in Melbourne's Fitzroy.

Our sunlit studio includes the full range of Pilates apparatus and equipment and caters for every body.

We welcome all ages, body-types, sizes, fitness levels, conditions, interests and inquiries into the Studio. Our instructors will tailor a program to your individual range of needs rather than teach to a generic ideal, body type or competency. Our focus is on alignment, breath and technique, not on mythical bodies. As long as our instructors can see your body moving, you can wear whatever makes you feel good.



We want you to: love and look forward to your Pilates sessions, enjoy the facilities of the studio and the company of the other clients, benefit from the attention, care and experience of your instructor, be able to focus and concentrate on the Pilates repertoire, enjoy the flow of movement, the releasing and lengthening of your muscles, the time and space to breathe and centre, the range and challenge of the work, and the control and mindfulness that it affords your physical wellbeing.




The Pilates method is distinguished by its use of equipment and apparatus. Joseph Pilates was a driven inventor. He designed and built machines that would enable him to teach his method in specific ways, and in order to achieve particular outcomes for particular clients. Das Studio has the complete range of apparatus in multiples as well as the full compliment of small and large apparatus including reformers, barrels, trapeze tables, ped-a-poles, wunda chairs, arm chairs and mat accessories.