New Clients

Das Studio Pilates is for every body, whether you are completely new to the method or have been practising for years.


“Breathing is the first act of life.”

– Joseph H Pilates


Initial Consultation

We require all new clients to undertake an initial consultation so that we get to know each other, introduce or review the fundamental principles of Pilates, determine your needs, discuss the types of classes we offer and which options are best for you. We will then guide you through a series of exercises on the mat and with the studio apparatus so you will start doing Pilates straight away. If you have done Pilates before we still require you to participate in this initial consultation so that you can have a chance to become orientated with the Das Studio Pilates systems, teaching style and structures.


Please wear comfortable workout gear that’s not overly loose or baggy so that we can ascertain how your body is moving, check your alignment and assess muscle recruitment patterns. Das Studio Pilates requires all clients to bring a clean pair of socks to wear during class.


Das Studio Pilates has toilets, change-room and storage facilities. Clients are welcome to relax in the reception area while waiting for a class.



What is the difference between clinical vs Das Studio Pilates?

While we do not term it “clinical pilates” the approach to Pilates at Das Studio is one that applies the method, repertoire and choice of apparatus to address postural concerns, muscle imbalance, rehabilitation post surgery, treatment or trauma, pathologies and conditions that may otherwise restrict a client in their physical pursuits orderly life. All of our instructors hold Diplomas in Professional Pilates Practice which requires 350 hours of training on the floor along with ongoing professional development. The studio maintains a dialogue with many complementary practitioners in osteopathy, physiotherapy, myotherapy and chiropractic therapies and will recommend clients for appropriate treatments when necessary.

Do I need an initial consultation if I've done Pilates before?

Yes, in order to join any of the studio classes  an initial consultation is required in order to share information, discuss goals and establish a rapport with the studio and instructor. This session is also imperative if you have never done Pilates before or had a different experience so that we can effectively convey some of the essential and fundamental principles.

Does it matter if I am not flexible?

No. Pilates addresses inflexibility along with mobilising and strengthening parts of the body.  

What should I wear to Pilates?

Comfortable workout gear but nothing too loose because your instructor needs to be able to see your body moving under your clothes.

How often should I do Pilates?

A regular, weekly session is a great start. If you can expand to twice weekly, or complement with one of our group mat / small apparatus classes you will generally feel the benefits quicker.

How long until I feel results?

Generally, clients report that they 'feel better' within the first few sessions. They may be having their first good night's sleep in a while or are able to perform daily tasks without feeling apprehensive or experiencing discomfort. The Pilates method will have some effect on every system in your body, from digestive to respiratory to musculature and so on, so the positive results are cumulative and endless. 

Can I do Pilates at home?

The team at Das Studio Pilates are happy to book a time to create a home programme for you. Please discuss with Helen or your instructor any time. We also stock a range of small apparatus at the Studio for you to use at home or while traveling.